Welcome to the Wolfe Lab Homepage

We do research in plant systematics, conservation genetics, biogeography, and molecular evolution. We primarily study Penstemon (Plantaginaceae), which is the largest plant genus native to North America, and parasitic plants of Orobanchaceae. Most of our recent efforts for Orobanchaceae are focused on the genus Hyobanche, which is a holoparasite native to South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia. Be sure to check out recent news from the Wolfe lab. Just click on the posts in the sidebar to the right.

Current members of the Wolfe Lab at Ohio State University:

Andi Wolfe  (Principal Investigator)
Paul Blischak (PhD candidate)
Ben Stone (PhD student)
Rosa Rodriguez (PhD student)
Ana Gabriela Zacarías-Correra (visiting student from Instituto de Ecología de México)
Mary Sagetalova (lab volunteer)
Morgan VanDeCarr (undergraduate researcher)

Photo gallery of the Wolfe Pack…

Wolfe Lab Alumni

Shannon Datwyler (PhD)
Jenny Archibald (PhD)
Chris Randle (PhD)
Jeff Morawetz (PhD)
Dan Robarts (PhD)
Aaron Wenzel (PhD)
Jenny Xiang (PostDoc)
Mark Mort (PostDoc)
Susan Kephart (Visiting Scholar)Cole Thompson (Undergraduate researcher)
Emiko Waight (Undergraduate researcher)
Alex Ward (Undergraduate researcher)


Penstemon database – photos and information
Penstemon photo gallery
Penstemon of the day archive
Penstemon on Flickr (a group moderated by Andi Wolfe)
Penstemon Website (Old site; will eventually transfer information to this site)
Hyobanche research
ISSR Resource Website

Selected publications:

Wolfe AD (2017) Typification of Hyobanche sanguinea (Orobanchaceae) and the identity of Hyobanche calvescens and Hyobanche glabrataPhytotaxa 299(1), 132-136.

Blischak PD, Kubatko LS, Wolfe AD (2016) Accounting for genotype uncertainty in the estimation of allele frequencies in autopolyploids. Molecular Ecology Resources 16, 72-754.

Wolfe AD, Necamp T, Fassnacht S, Blischak P, Kubatko L (2016) Population genetics of Penstemon albomarginatus (Plantaginaceae), a rare Mojave Desert species of conservation concern. Conservation Genetics 17, 1245-1255.

Blischak PD, Wenzel AJ, Wolfe AD (2014) Gene prediction and annotation in Penstemon (Plantaginaceae): a workflow for marker development from extremely low-coverage genome sequencing. Applications in Plant Sciences 2, 1400044. 

Robarts DR, Wolfe AD (2014) Sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) markers: A potential resource for studies in plant molecular biology. Applications in Plant Sciences 2, 1400017

Wolfe AD, McMullen-Sibul A, Tepedino VJ, Kubatko L, Necamp T, Fassnacht S (2014) Conservation genetics and breeding system of Penstemon debilis (Plantaginaceae), a rare beardtongue endemic to oil shale talus in western Colorado, USA. Journal of Systematics and Evolution. DOI 10:1111/jse.12100

McNeal JR, Bennett JR, Wolfe AD, Mathews S (2013) Phylogeny and origins of holoparasitism in Orobanchaceae. American Journal of Botany 100, 971-983.

Wolfe AD (2013) Hyobanche thinophila (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Western Cape of South Africa. Phytotaxa 85, 56-60. http://www.mapress.com/phytotaxa/content/2013/f/pt00085p060.pdf

Morawetz JJ, Randle CP, Wolfe AD (2010) Phylogenetic relationships within the tropical clade of Orobanchaceae. Taxon 59, 416-426.

Wolfe AD, Randle CP, Datwyler SL, Morawetz JJ, Arguedas N, Diaz J (2006) Phylogeny, taxonomic affinities, and biogeography of Penstemon (Plataginaceae) based on ITS and cpDNA sequence data. American Journal of Botany 93, 1699-1713.


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