I arrived in Cape Town Sunday evening, August 25, 2013. This was after a very long travel day and change (28 hours). After a three nights in Cape Town, Dennis and Gigi Laidler and I started a road trip to Namaqualand, The Richtersveld, down to the Agulhas region, and back to Cape Town. We should get back to Cape Town September 14.

The field season was off to a great start the day after I arrived. I took a trip down to Cape Point to collect Hyobanche sanguinea. This year I have permission to work in the national parks of the Western and Northern Cape provinces, plus regular collecting permits for both regions.


Cape Point

5D_30906_©2013 by Andi Wolfe_South Africa

Cape Point

5D_30886_©2013 by Andi Wolfe_South Africa

Hyobanche sanguinea

















I found a large population of Hyobanche sanguinea right off the bat.

Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden









My first day in the field was lovely – beautiful weather all the way up to the late afternoon. That’s when the storm system first hit the region.


Weather rolling in over the Cape Peninsula

IMG_0266_©2013 by Andi Wolfe_South Africa

The rains begin. It is still winter in the Western Cape



















Yesterday it started to rain.


Winter rains!










Today, it has poured down rain all day long.


On the road in the rain

5D_30935_©2013 by Andi Wolfe_South Africa

Hyobanche sanguinea from West Coast area


















Rain or no rain, the collecting must go on, and so today we all got thoroughly soaked. However, I did collect a population of Hyobanche near Langebaan. So, it was a good day in the field.

5D_30936_©2013 by Andi Wolfe_South Africa

Hyobanche sanguinea from West Coast area

IMG_0281_©2013 by Andi Wolfe_South Africa

Hyobanche sanguinea