The final assignment for this seminar/workshop was to write a blog post to share the photos. Each student researched a particular theme. I’m posting the portfolios and write-ups at a class blog site.  The first portfolio is Angelika Nelson‘s. Angelika is an ornithologist and curator at the Borror Laboratory of Acoustics, one of the largest sound archives in the world.  Angelika was particularly interested in improving her skills in bird photography, and so her portfolio emphasizes birds.  Check it out:  A less common view of a common gull.

Here’s a Preview. Click on the link to go to the portfolio page.


A less common view of a common gull

by Angelika Nelson
Department of EEOB
Ohio State University

On a recent visit to the Deer Creek wildlife area, a 45-minute drive south of Columbus, I learned to appreciate the most common gull in Ohio in a new way. I observed how it behaves in its natural environment, not ravaging through garbage or circling over the local landfill.