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ana gabriela zacarias correrasWe’ve had a visitor to the lab for the past several weeks: Ana Gabriela Zacarías (Gaby). Gaby is masters degree student with Dr. Marie-Stéphanie Samain at Instituto de Ecología in Michoacán, México, and she is doing research on Penstemon section Fasciculus, which mostly occurs in Mexico. Gaby came to my lab to learn molecular phylogenetics techniques, and she has been making great progress on PCR and sequencing of some of the low-copy nuclear loci we recently developed for Penstemon. 

We’re really glad to have her in the lab, and to collaborate on the Fasciculus project. Here are some photos of some of these lovely species:


Penstemon potosinus. Photo by Manuel Ramirez

P. roseusbyAGZC

Penstemon roseus. Photo by Ana Gabriela Zacarías

P. harwegii by Emmanuel_Pérez copy

Penstemon hartwegii. Photo by Emmanuel Pérez

P. fasciculatus byAGZC

Penstemon fasciculatus. Photo by Ana Gabriela Zacarías