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The last in this series was written by Jordan Satler. He has the best eye for spiders of anyone I’ve ever been into the field with. Check out his blog post by clicking on the title.

The World Through Eight Eyes

by Jordan Satler

Spiders. Just the mere mention of the word is enough to give people goose bumps, yet seeing the world through their eyes (all of eight of them, for many species) brings out the true wonder and amazement in this spectacular group. There are more than 45,000 described species1, with estimates of true biodiversity at least twice as high, leaving many species yet to be discovered and described by science. These wonderful animals are found on nearly every continent (except Antarctica), and within all levels of an ecosystem. From spiders that build underground burrows, to active hunters on the forest floor, to spiders that build the traditional “orb web” found in your backyard garden, spiders are found nearly everywhere, successfully navigating everyday life in this changing world.