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I’ve just finished my seven week long workshop with 14 graduate students. We had our exhibit opening this week, and the student blog posts will be published soon. This was a fun group with which to work, and their efforts to make photos that tell the story of nature  were very successful. Here are a few photos from the exhibit. I’ll post links to the articles as they are published.


Paul Blischak & Ben Stone, helping with transporting the poster frames to the exhibit space. Paul was in the first workshop, Ben participated in the one we just finished.


Matt Holding, another workshop participant,  helped by providing the wheels and with moving the frames.


It takes some puzzle solving to get everything organized and moved.


We had a nice turnout for the opening reception. Each student had three photos from their portfolio on exhibit.


I was originally going to have the exhibit just for the afternoon, but it was such a success, that I left it up for the rest of the week.