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Sal Sidoti did his portfolio on Ohio State University’s Oval – something students, faculty, and staff see every day, but may not have paid much attention to what happens there…

When I say “the Oval”, you probably see something like this, in your mind:

EEOB 8896.07 - Portfolio - Spring 2016

Taken from the roof of the South Union Garage

At least, if you’re an OSU student.

As it happens, I see the same thing. I still see it, even after deciding to go and make myself see more. I can’t help it; I walk through this intersection almost every day and when someone tells me ‘Meet me in the Oval’, this is the image that pops into my mind. It is precisely because I walk through this place so regularly that I decided to give it a deeper measure of my attention. I have often found the greatest of pleasures and beauties — when I slow down and let myself see them — are in the aspects of life that I visit so regularly as to overlook them entirely. So today, I slowed down.

I was not disappointed.

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