Rosa Rodríguez-Peña is a graduate student in my lab. She is from the Dominican Republic and this is her first spring in the eastern deciduous forest biome, so it is also her first experience with our spring ephemerals.

Spring Flowers of Ohio

By Rosa Rodríguez-Peña

A carpet of Blue-eyed Mary (Collins versa) in the Hocking Hills.

Ohio possesses more than 2,200 plant species grouped in 146 families (see ohioplants.org). Most Ohio plants are native (78%) but about 500 (22%) are introduced. Despite the great varieties of beautiful flowers native to Ohio, people choose to cultivate introduce (and sometime invasive) species. Many of the introduced species have become invasive and have displaced native species and biased the landscape. The idea behind this portfolio is to show how spectacular native Ohio flowers are. I hope to increase the number of people that utilize native species in their garden at least by one.

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