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2016.05.26.lab group

Left to Right: Cole Thompson (undergrad), Paul Blischak (grad student), Laura Kubatko (collaborator), Emiko Waight (undergrad), Rosa Rodríguez-Peña (grad student), and Ben Stone (grad student).

Penstemon digitalis is in bloom along the Olentangy River on the Ohio State University campus, so Laura Kubatko, some of the students from my lab, and I took an afternoon break to go visit the population. This was the first introduction to real live penstemons for my collaborator, Laura, and our two undergraduate fellows (Cole and Emiko – supported by a National Science Foundation Research for Undergraduates supplement to our grant). Rosa hadn’t yet been introduced to the genus in person, either – so this was a fun walk for us. Paul has finished his Penstemon fieldwork and Ben was out with me last week to collect P. canescens and P. pallidus.